What is Awakening?

The world is waking up and consciousness is changing at a historic and unprecedented rate. We are in the midst of the most revolutionary shift mankind has ever seen, and these deep changes are affecting people at every level – emotionally, mentally, behaviorally, spiritually, financially and politically.

Awakening is a natural process that everyone will eventually go through. It has nothing to do with religion, and both the devout churchgoer and committed atheist alike may find themselves experiencing its effects. Awakening is a realization that there is more to life that what you’ve been taught, and more to YOU than you ever imagined.

“You know you’re going through a spiritual awakening process when…

…you begin to question things you’ve never questioned before – like why you’re here on Earth, what is the meaning of life, what you should be doing right now.

…the way you solved problems in the past doesn’t seem to work anymore.

…you know that there’s more out there but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.

…you know there’s a greater way, but you don’t know what that is.

…you feel yourself withdrawing inwanrd, not wanting so much external activity.

…all of the old beliefs don’t seem to be so true anymore.

…your old dreams, goals and desires no longer matter, but you don’t know what does matter anymore.

You are not alone.

There are thousands and thousands of humans on Earth right now who know what it’s like to lose the things that were near and dear, who know what it’s like for their belief systems to be challenged at every level, what it’s like for the things that were important at one time to start dissolving away.

It is a natural process. You are allowing the old human façade and the illusion of who you thought you were to fade away. And as it fades away, what you begin to know at the deepest, most loving level, is yourself as God also; yourself as Spirit; yourself as divine, no longer limited by the old human identity but now understanding that you are eternal, and that you can choose your own reality.

In this process you will come to realize that all of the answers are within. They come from the truest and the most precious place within, and they can be discovered in the quiet moment, in the moment of breath, in the moment of acceptance of yourself.

In the process of awakening you discover that everything in your life is your creation. Everything that you are experiencing right now in your life is by your choice. There are no outside powers or beings who are making you do it. There is nobody dictating the destiny of your life. You’ll discover that it is all by your choice.

You will realize that you were not lost at all; you were just deeply immersed in an experience. It is time to say goodbye to the human identity, to the limited beliefs, to the old paths of karma, of the old progression of lifetimes that kept you on the old merry-go-round.

As you say goodbye to your old human self, you will discover a new freedom. You will create a space within you to allow in the grander self, the divine self, your angelic self, who’s been patiently waiting off in the wings, waiting for you to finish playing this wonderful game of experience, waiting for you to invite the true You into this reality.

When you let go of who you thought you were, you now make room to be everything that you truly are.

When you let go of who you thought you were, you will discover who you really are.”

(from “A Letter to Awakening Humans” by Tobias)