The world is changing in amazing ways that perhaps many of you don’t even realize right now. But somewhere deep down inside of you, you are very aware of it. You’re very aware that this lifetime isn’t like any of the other lifetimes you’ve ever had.

Humanity, and the consciousness of humanity, has been on the rise, and it is at an all-time high right now. That’s also causing a lot of the issues and the problems on Earth, because there is not the template, there is not the previous experience for humanity in general to be able to understand how to handle the issues that it’s facing today.

And the biggest issue that humanity is facing is not finance. It’s not fuel energy. It’s not the environment. Those are all sub-issues to the big issue that’s taking place on Earth right now. And the fact is, Earth, humanity, everyone on Earth in physical body and everyone connected to Earth in the non-physical realms is going through awakening.

Earth – the physical part of Earth – is awakening now as Gaia slowly withdraws her energy and a new spirit of Earth is being created. That is an awakening. Humanity is going through an awakening.

Now, that may not be so obvious to you on an everyday level where you’re sitting in traffc or when you’re reading the newspapers or you’re dealing with the mundane issues at your job, but truly, humanity is going through an awakening.

Old structures are getting shaken up.

You’ve been waiting for it for many, many lifetimes, and now you’re here. A global awakening.

That’s why things seem to be so out of order, but actually they’re not. What appears to be chaos is not chaos at all. It’s just a realignment, and as the hosts and the guests were saying before, it’s a reconnection that’s taking place right now.

You should be able to understand it and relate to it perfectly well, because you’ve been going through it for many years now. And finally, humanity  is starting to go through it.