Individual coaching is a tremendous investment in yourself!

It dramatically changes the course of your life, putting you on the path to live a life that is fulfilling on all levels.

I am a stand for you to be who you truly are, do what you love and have what you want.

You are here to leave a legacy and make an impact on the world!

Making a difference begins with you. As your partner and coach, I will support you in understanding and removing what is in the way of your desires.

I will challenge you to say “no” to going through the motions of life and enthusiastically say “yes” to the miracles that are available to you. We begin by taking an overview of your life and identifying areas that need action and/or attention.

I will assist you in establishing clear, concrete, measurable goals and support you in connecting to your own inner wisdom.

There is nothing you cannot shift.

You are capable of so much more than you know or are currently creating.

Whether you have a specific goal or are seeking general guidance, our relationship will evolve in a way that best supports you. I hold you accountable to a plan that is manageable and created especially for you because I do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to coaching.

I do not solve your problems, but guide you into solving them on your own. I listen with understanding and 100% confidentiality. My relationships with my clients are intimate, honest, and rewarding.

I have been coaching since 2012 and am trained as a life coach at World Coach Institute.

My most important and extensive training is from my life experiences. My life as an expat, entrepreneur, a traveller, an explorer have taught me life lessons that I am inspired to teach you.

I believe we are here to live a meaningful life and a coach is someone to help get you started.

Coaching sessions conducted by phone, Skype or talkini. A minimum 3-month commitment is required up front because that gives you time to truly create change in your life. I also offer one-day intensives for people seeking immediate clarity.

My clients are very diverse in terms of demographics. I work most with men and women between 30 and 50 years who are having a spiritual awakening (or just going crazy?) ; entrepreneurs, managers, creators, lifestyler, achievers. The one thing they all have in common is a yearning for more aligned success, health, connection, fulfillment, impact and freedom.

I only work with clients who are committed to being held accountable, showing up 100% for each session, and are willing to be break out of their comfort zone.

I look forward to working with you or recommending another coach that is a fit. I am here to support you!