6 Month Coaching Program

The 6 month Coaching Program Will Help You To Start Living The life You’d Love. You will receive 24 weeks of coaching (20 coaching sessions – up to 2 hours over phone/skype/hangouts) a tool to help you prepare for each session and to implement the learnings from each session, access to your coach between each […]

100 Day Challenge

The 100 Day Coaching Challenge Will Help You to Achieve What You Really Want. In this package you will receive 100 days of coaching (10 up to 2 hours coaching sessions over phone/skype/hangouts) a tool to help you prepare for each session, and implement the learnings from each session, access to your coach in between […]

The One Day Intensive

One entire day … all about YOU, your life and your success. Private, exclusive, focused attention. The time, the space and the energy all committed to you, your goals and your desires. It can take place in a luxurious setting like boutique hotel, in a city, in nature or over skype, depending what gives you […]

The Purpose of Life Coaching

As you go through life you will face many problems, fears, and setbacks.. All of these things can be difficult to deal with and can very often lead you astray because it’s just too easy to get caught up in all the problems that life often throws our way.

Getting caught up in these problems can put you on the back foot, which can lead to indecision and doubt. And when choices and decisions are ineffective, then the results you acquire are sub-par and life becomes somewhat of a struggle — lived through a state of desperation.

Life coaching is a self-help service designed to help you get out of a state of desperation while putting you into a state of inspiration. When you live from a state of inspiration, every decision you make and action you take supports your greater good and helps you reach your full potential in any field of endeavor.

Life coaching will help you develop new skills; to capitalize on your strengths; to overcome weaknesses; to expand your comfort zone; to improve your thinking patterns; to eliminate limiting beliefs; to clarify your goals and priorities; to develop empowering habits and rituals; to strengthen your core values; to improve your ability to learn from mistakes and failure; and to potentially help you unlock your true life’s purpose.

In a nutshell, life coaching is designed to help provide you with the support and guidance you need to excel in any area of your life.

The Holistic 4 Level Approach

  • Emotions

    Many of us develop suppression strategies as a way to avoid feeling our emotions. The first way to start healing on the emotional level is to become aware of how and when you began to suppress your feelings. Here you will work in two parts to help you identify your suppression strategies and find ways […]

  • Mindset

    We are born whole and balanced, completely connected to Source, expressed our emotions freely, and lived our full potential. As we grow up we start to get influenced by stories around us.

  • Behavior

    The only way that people keep the changes in their behavior for the long run is to take small easy steps. Choose something specific that you want to change and can measure using this model: 1. One thing to stop 2. One thing to start 3. One thing to modify You want to come up […]

  • Spirituality

    When I talk about Spirituality I don’t refer to anything religious, but about really helping our clients connect with the Source of Unconditional Truth, Love, and Connection. Life doesn’t happen TO us, it happens FOR us. If we feel life happens to us, we develop a “victim mentality” and feel disempowered. Seeing everything as good, […]