4 Week Coaching Program

The 4 Week Coaching Package

The 4 Week Coaching Program Will Help You To Start Living The life You’d Love. You will receive 4 weeks of coaching (4 coaching sessions up to 2 hours over phone/skype/hangouts) a tool to help you prepare for each session and to implement the learnings from each session, access to your coach between each session […]

100 Day Challenge

The 100 day coaching challenge

The 100 Day Coaching Challenge Will Help You to Achieve What You Really Want. In this package you will receive 100 days of coaching (9-12 up to 2 hours coaching sessions over phone/skype/hangouts) a tool to help you prepare for each session, and implement the learnings from each session, access to your coach in between […]

The 1 Day Intensive

1 day intensive

One entire day… all about YOU, your life and your success. Private, exclusive, focused attention. The time, the space and the energy all committed to you, your goals and your desires.. It can take place in a luxurious setting like boutique hotel, in nature or over skype, depending what gives you the most powerful experience. […]

About Me

RickGygerEntrepreneur and Certified Life Coach with background in Hospitality & Travel.

I believe we are here to live a meaningful, extraordinary life.

Born 1970 and raised in Switzerland, I started as a Pastry Chef and became interessted in bartending, which enabled me to work his way around the world.

A few years later I stepped into the travel industry, another career choice to work on Cruise Lines & Yachts.

I settled down for some years in Germany where I started to practice different styles of Energy Healing. One of my favorite is Quantum Touch.

I saw a short return to Zurich for 3 years in 2010 that made me explore intensive the Plant Based Lifestyle where I became a specialist in cacao and desserts.

The sea was calling again and during 2 years I was cruising around the world.

Since many years I am part of Crimson Circle, a global community of like-minded people on their spiritual quest in a transforming world; it made me become more aware of consciousness.

At this time I am in St. Gallen where I continue to work as Life Coach.

Rick, World Citizen, December 2015


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    Live Your Legend

    Imagine for a moment a world where everyone did work that made them come alive. And imagine if you were surrounded by the people who made that type of life possible. What would that look like? How differently would you treat your server at lunch or your husband, wife or children? How much harder would […]

  • How to go From Ordinary to Extraordinary

    5 Steps to be just a little bit extra ordinary It’s really not that difficult to live an extraordinary life. All you need to concentrate on is doing more than those around you. That little bit extra in the following areas.   Dream Big There are two very important steps you must undertake when dreaming Say Yes […]


Rick is passionate about helping others wake up to the reality that there is more to life. He believes we all have a purpose and by following our passions we can live happier and more abundant lives. http://flavors.me/rickgyger


Rick Gyger

Life Coach

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